To combat stress, anxiety, and other oft-common consequences of day-to-day life, many people turn to nature. Henry David Thoreau was so interested in simple living and connecting with nature that he spent two years at Walden Pond and wrote about his experience in Walden. Now you probably don't have that kind of time, but you may be able to bring the pond to you. Owning and maintaining an outdoor pond is a fantastic way to improve your mood and reconnect with Mother Nature. In addition, it may reduce the amount of bugs in your yard, which is never a bad thing.

It's Not as Difficult as You May Think

If you are a little overwhelmed with the idea of setting up your pond, we're here to tell you that it is much easier than you may think. First and foremost, you'll want to consider the size and deepness of the pond. This will influence the type of pond pump, filter, and skimmer your pond will need in order to maintain clean water. In most cases, submersible pond pumps will do the trick, and you should ask questions if you're unsure of what kind of pump you should buy. Pond pumps are responsible for keeping the water healthy and oxygenated, which will ensure the well-being of the fish. It works along with the filter and skimmer to keep the water clean.

When you have chosen the pond pump, filter, and skimmer, it's time to look install the underlayment and pond liner. The underlayment and pond liner provide additional separation from the soil to ensure that too much nitrogen doesn't get into the pond. If too much nitrogen does trickle into the pond, you could have a problem as you will have a breeding ground for algae blooms, which are toxic. Also consider adding additional pond liner around your pump, filter edges, and skimmer for additional protection. After the underlayment and pond liner are installed, you can add rocks and other natural elements to keep your pond and fish safe.

Finally, it is time to install your pond equipment and add the water. You may find that the water will be cloudy at first, which is normal. That should clear up in a few days. Remember to check your PH levels before adding any fish so you know the water is safe. If it is and everything is running properly, you will be ready to have your new outdoor fish pond. Obviously, there will be things you'll need to learn along the way like feeding and seasonal maintenance, but you'll get the hang of it in no time. Before you know it, you’ll get to enjoy your new pond and peace of mind!