Winter is finished for the year, which means warmer weather, the start of the baseball season, flowers and gardens, and fun outdoors. However, we must also deal with springtime showers, which could have significant effects depending on where you live and the actions you take to safeguard your home from heavy rain.

The beginning of spring is also the biggest time of year for home improvement stores as homeowners typically pick this time to start and finish the projects they couldn't do in the colder months. So what can you do for your home to help it better withstand springtime showers? Actually, you can do a lot. Here are several tips to consider:

Purchase a Sump Pump for a Basement Prone to Flooding: If you live in an area prone to flooding, a sump pump is a must. It can help expedite the cleanup efforts and ensure all moisture is removed to prevent further damage. It could also help mold stay out of the home. Mold spores can quickly reproduce, and mold can have a number of effects on the body, including allergic reactions and nasal congestion.

Clean Out Your Gutters: Afraid of heights? Ask a friend or neighbor to help you with the job. Clean gutters allow for proper rainfall drainage, so the water goes away from your home. If you live amongst a number of trees, you could get leaves, branches, and other debris. However, where you live, rocks, dirt, and other elements could potentially cause a blockage.

Get Your Roof Inspected: If you have an older roof, you might want to have it inspected before a leak occurs. A roof inspector can assess the condition of your roof, whether you should replace any parts of the roof, and how long you may have before you need a replacement.

Check All Windows and Siding for any Cracks: Another way moisture gets in the home is through tiny cracks in the siding and window seal of your home. Typically, any repairs needed are very manageable and affordable, and it can help prevent a major leak, water damage, and mold.

Have Emergency Supplies and a Plan Just in Case: Even if you do everything possible to protect your home from Mother Nature, there's always the possibility of something going wrong. Therefore, it's always a good idea to have emergency food supplies and tools around. Hopefully, you'll never need them, but it's always good to have them ready just in case.